Choosing a New Home Community

Choosing a New Home Communitycommunity

Most new homes builder will try to position their new community near many popular conveniences, schools, easy highway access, etc. Choosing the right new construction community in addition to selecting a new home designs can sometimes be overwhelming. With some patients and research, you can find the right area that will suits your lifestyle and needs. Determine what is needed, what is wanted then take the time to research the new home communities. Finding the right neighborhood in Wilmington, Hampstead, Jacksonville, or Porters Neck, can be a fun experience.

What are your needs

Make a list of must haves and wants. Once you have your list you will feel more confident and clear of what it is that you are looking for. Remember, be flexible and have vision. If you happen to be active Military, new homes in Jacksonville NC may be your best bet. Some points to keep in mind – Do you need a family-friendly new home? Think long term; think about the next five years or more. Newlyweds may not care about the family-friendly amenities now, but are you shriving for a family in the near future? You always need to consider the possibilities and look from every angle. A serious consideration may fall under the location category. How far is this neighborhood from work? Friends? Family? Church? Shopping? These are all things to consider. You may want to consider floor plans for new homes as one of the primary factors in making a decision. It’s really all up to your needs.

Make your wish list

While making a Wish List may not seem to be too much fun at first, but this will prove to be a great asset when in the hunt for your next new home or new custom homes. this activity may not seem fruitful at first, it can actually show what features are most important to your lifestyle. Visit some of the new home communities in your desired city. We cover Pender, Onslow, New Hanover, and Carteret Counties. Then select aspects from new construction developments that are top choices for the perfect neighborhood. Compare your wish list to what is offered in each

development like; family-friendly activities, swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trails, fishing docks, clubhouses, fitness rooms and playgrounds. The location may factor into these new home communities too. Are homes built on a golf course? Is the development within walking distance to shops? Is it located where residents rarely have to move the car and can live a greener lifestyle? Can children walk to school?


Once you have your list completed, you will need to go out into the community and do your physical research to¬† start getting a good idea of what the neighborhood s are like. Homebuyers can check the safety of an area through crime statistics reports, near by landfill sites, and school information of new home developments on the internet. But if the new construction communities make After doing your research, visit the neighborhood for yourself. If you see bunches of For Sale signs, then you would hope they are for the same builder. If not, there could be trouble. You can always check with your local city planning department to see if a highway is coming through the area or any larger development project scheduled. Is there a highway, railroad or airport that backs up to this community? It’s always a good idea to revisit the neighborhood after dark and on the weekend to see what kind of activity is going on.