How do I choose the right builder?

How do I choose the right builder?builder

Building a home or buying a newly built home is one of the biggest investments you will make. For this reason it is imperative that you choose a well-qualified and reputable builder.

Follow the few easy steps listed below to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and experienced home builder for luxury custom home builders or new home builders:

Step 1

  • Check the reputation of the home builder.
  • Ask to see the home builder’s National Home Builders Registration Council(NHBRC) registration certificate.
  • Contact the NHBRC to confirm that the home builder is registered, or they can give you a list of registered builders.
  • Inspect some of the houses built and completed by the registered home builder and talk to the home owners.
  • Make sure the home builder provides you with a proper contract for the building of your new home and that finer details with regard to type of finish, inclusions and exclusions, time frames etc. are fully covered.

Step 2

  • Ask an attorney for advice about the building contract or deed of sale before you sign a contract.

Step 3

  • Seek the advice of someone who knows the building and buying process. This could include estate agents, architects, the Master Builders Association or the NHBRC.

Step 4

  • Do not pay a deposit unless you have a valid building or purchase contract and you are sure that your deposit is being held in a trust fund.
  • Do not sign any documentation unless it has been explained to you and you understand it fully.

Step 5

  • Make sure that your new house is enrolled with the NHBRC at least three weeks prior to the start of the building process, To do this, you must request a copy of the enrolment certificate from the builder. It is the responsibility of the builder to enrol the new home, but we advise you to ask for a copy of the enrolment certificate.

Obtain copies of the following documents:

  • Obtain copies of the following documents:building contract and land sale agreement or deed of sale;
  • the Standard Home Builder’s Warranty; and
  • payment receipts or any other documents that you are required to sign.

Step 6

  • When you move into your new home, draw up a snag list – a detailed list of all the problems and defects that need fixing.
  • Your snag list must then be handed to the registered home builder to fix the problems / defects as indicated
  • You should sign a letter confirming that the house is acceptable for occupation. The letter must state the date on which you received the keys for your new house, and confirm that you have given the snag list to the builder to rectify the problems.